Scientific Program

The International Nannoplankton Association (INA) exists to promote knowledge of modern and fossil calcareous nannoplankton. INA conferences are one of our main means of achieving this. The conference is held every two years in venues across the globe allowing research students, applied scientists and established academics to meet, share results and exchange knowledge. The conference will take place over four days and will include keynote speakers, open oral sessions, posters sessions and workshops; details to follow.

INA 19 Conwy is the first conference to be hosted by an applied scientific company, and the first time to be hosted in the UK for 35 years! With this in mind, INA 19 is open to contributions on any aspect of the study of modern coccolithophores and calcareous nannofossils. This will include coccolithophore ecology, biology and biochemistry, evolution and molecular phylogeny, coccolith structure and biomineralisation, palaeoceanographic and biostratigraphic research, as well as applied study of nannofossils in relation to industry and the energy transition, and all research in both recent and fossil coccolithophore studies.  We welcome participants at any level of expertise and from any countries.

We hope to allow any participants who wish to give oral presentations to do so. In the event that more presentations are proposed than can be accepted, we may restrict presenters to one talk or a poster presentation. Research students are strongly encouraged to attend and present their work, there will be some grants to support them, and there will be prizes for the best talks and posters by students. 

Online participation: more information to follow.